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30 + Years of combined experience in the Automotive DUI Immbilazation, Towing, Reposessions, Transport, Impounding and Parking Enforcement Industry.

Changing how DUI's are done.

We assist customers with their court ordered vehicle immobilization (booting) following DUI conviction.

A trusted DUI Immobilzation solution provider
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  • 492 Last year

  • 5,463 Immobilazations

  • 30+ Years Of Experience

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We provide DUI Immobilization Fort Lauderdale services to customers in Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach County seemlesly with everything at your fingertips.

  • Save time

    With 30 + Years of combined experience in the Automotive Towing, Transport, Impound and Parking Enforcement Industry, we do the proccess for you. This saves you the time and hassle with all the paperwork inside our dashboard.

  • Assurance

    Feel confident with a $1,000.000.00 liability policy. With Professionally trained and uniformed enforcers working 24/7 to make sure your vehicle will be mobilized as soon as when allowed by court. Providing ample documentation needed for court, all accessible within your account.

  • Easy Set up

    We understand the hassle of dealing with a DUI can not be easy. We work to make the process easier on you with a Fully licensed Vehicle Immobilization service platform, to assist with your vehicle as requested by court.

    See The steps
  • Mobile Application

    With State of the art equipment We immobilaize your vehicle with documented Paperless Digital record keeping and up to the minute GPS Surveillance Tracking.
    All you need to do is (1) sign up, (2) schedule a day/time to immobilize your vehicle, (3) then download the documents needed from your account for court records.

How it works
  • 01
    Sign up And recieve an email.

    A RecoveryUnits Agent will send you an email for your newly made account regarding your inquiry and set up.

  • 02
    Meet with an Agent to Immobilize your vehicle.

    Immobilize your vehicle as required by court.

  • 03
    Schedule A date time to re-mobilize your vehicle.

    Schedule a date and time past what is allowed by court in our dashboard to mobilize your car. Sign in to download all documents once they're available for record keeping.

The quality of the RecoveryUnits is exceptional service without any hassle for DUI booting.
Ruth Gibson
Delivered at reasonable rates, and with an excellent understanding customer service team, RecoveryUnits was greatly helpful during my recovery proccess.
Israel Stokes
I was very impressed with RecoveryUnits Teams Helpfulness.During difficult times they made the process much easier.
Blake Thornton
The RecoveryUnits was a crucial component in getting me back on my feet, providing great help during the DUI process.
Peter Bowen
RepoCount has transformed our back office operations whilst providing us with the
technological agility needed to scale our practice. We’re delighted with the efficiencies
generated so far, including time savings of approximately 50% by eliminating manual
data entry.
Jessie Medina
SpeedyRecoveries LLC
As a bookkeeping customer service agency, we're really pleased to have discovered RepoCount. It's so flexible, being able to process both accounts and payment transactions and to also turn pdf bank statements into csv files that will integrate with Xero bank feed lines. It's particularly good being able to spread the credits across multiple companies.
Annie Glover